Sunday, 7 June 2009

Stupid Nesting Instinct Destroying Our House

Sunday, 7 June 2009
Note to future pregnant friends: when your wacko pregnancy hormones tell you it’s a good idea to clean out the medicine cabinet in the bathroom at 8.30pm on a Sunday night? Go and eat some chocolate in bed, instead.

Grrr... just now I thought it would be a good idea to check all the expiration dates on all the medicines and creams and lotions we’ve got in our bathroom cabinet. “Very practical, Nicola!” I hear you say. “How sensible, “ you might praise. How wrong you’d be! As it happens, just so you know... if you drop a GLASS bottle of expired cough medicine into your PORCELAIN bathroom sink, it’s not the £2 medicine that you were going to throw out anyway that comes off the worse for wear; our lovely white sink now has a helluva spiderweb of a crack in it.

I’m totally pissed off with myself. Anyway – thankfully the nesting instinct runs to silicones and mastics as well, because I have sealed the WHACKING GREAT HOLE in my sink with that until we can get another one. To pay for a new sink, I wish the nesting instinct could supplement my bank balance relative to the level of frustration I’m currently feeling. GRRRRRRR.

Be that all as it may, in happier news: I was at the midwife on Thursday. The Lovely Lynnette was brilliant as always; everything was all as it should be with the exception of slightly higher blood pressure. (Maybe in some psychic pre-emptive suspicion that 3 days later I would start smashing up the entire house, brick by brick, with an almost empty bottle of Tixylix). But probably because of the heat and humidity of the last week. “Nothing to worry about, “ says Lovely Lynnette. I’m still measuring big – 4cm big to be exact (same diameter as spider web crack mark in aforementioned sink, if anyone’s keeping track) – but she had a good old poke around and she says that the baby feels a perfectly normal size.

In heartbeat related news – she now thinks it’s a boy. What a tricky kid I’ve got! Heartbeat was only 138bpm and didn’t sound horse-ey anymore... was most definitely train-ey. The suspense is almost killing me! Stay tuned... 5 weeks and counting.

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