Tuesday, 1 September 2009

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009
Saturday 15th September 2007: No Son of Mine!

So this morning we tried to contribute to Ben's learning, by trying to divert his attention away from these new-stylee cartoons all the kids are watching.

Picture the scene: Ben sitting on the potty watching TV (so what?), Jason eating muesli and me, cup of tea in hand and the Saturday morning newspaper covering the better part of my person and the sofa, the sunshine streaming through the living room window.

We tried: we failed.

For Jason and me, every nostalgic bone in our respective bodies gave an almighty shudder when we heard the unmistakable opening bars of one of the best kids TV shows of our formative years:

Dance your cares away / worries for another day / let the music play / down at FRAGGLE ROCK!

Too cool! Jason says just like we grew up instinctively loving and knowing all the Beatles lyrics, so should our offspring have inherent appreciation of all things Henson. And then it all came crashing down -- having switched the telly over from 'Roary the Racing Car' or 'Engie Benjy' or similar to catch a glimpse of this old classic, our nostalgic idyll was irrevocably shattered by the bloodcurdling screech that came out of our toddler: DADDY! SWITCH IT OFF! SWITCH! IT! OOOOOOOOOOOOFFF!


A shame on the Proctor household!

A coincidence that at that very moment, a huge grey cloud moved in front of the sun?

I think not.

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