Saturday, 5 September 2009

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Saturday, 5 September 2009
Blood Red Shoes, 20 October 2008
Carling Academy 2, Newcastle upon Tyne

So, as promised... a few thoughts about Blood Red Shoes.I was sooooo excited to see this band; couldn't get either of their albums out of the car stereo for months, and they're still there. I first heard them on Zane Lowe's BBC1 radio show at the beginning of this summer... they were on his show and I caught the tail end of his interview with them. I remember him being really impressed and flirting his gorgeous arse off with Laura Mary Carter, saying, 'You know you're going to wind up on the cover of Guitarist magazine, you know you want to -- admit it!'

Immediate interest piqued -- I do pay attention to girl guitartists; being one myself it's a useful yardstick. But a yardstick isn't enough for this girl -- the sounds this fabulous woman is producing is the stuff of dreams, she's a total legend. It's just her and Steven Ansell (drums) and for just a two piece --what a wall of noise! It's danceable-to, punky, punchy, melodic, hard-hitting, louder-louder-louder stuff and I'm aaaaaaalllllllllll over it.

So off we go to Carling Academy. From start to finish I totally loved the show (apart from support; see previous note) they covered most of the material from their EP and full length albums and just had such infectious energy it made for really good watching. I was half dead with flu, so stood at the side up the steps for most of it which made for some good photos and video, but rest assured I would have been right up front bopping away if my ailments would have permitted -- which says something... I'm old now, and usually stand at the back (who'd a thunk that?!) but I would have been right up there.

You must must must download their records; they're so young and fresh and doing things the likes of which I haven't heard done so well in a long time -- I hope for their sake they take over the world, but for mine that they don't so they'll play little teeny venues like Carling Academy 2 for ever and ever. When they come back next year I'll be the first in the queue.Enjoy the links below:

This is Not for You (video):

It's Getting Boring By the Sea (video):

I Wish I Was Someone Better (video):

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