Friday, 23 October 2009

Fortissimo Fridays: Billy Bragg

Friday, 23 October 2009
You can't take me to the symphony.  I mean, you can... but you better bring a purse full of Kleenex.  The mere sound of the orchestra tuning up makes me sob my big fat heart out. 

And I can't drive the car if this song comes on my iPod shuffle, for the same reason.  Happy Friday, friends.

Oh -- and I'm sorry about the annoying 'pop ups' on this video; I couldn't find any other version of it. Try and listen to the words and not read the head-smashingly frustrating bits of irrelevant trivia.

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Lynn said...

I love Billy Bragg, and I LOVE this song.

I just realized I went out of town last weekend without resolving our discussion on style sheets. Do you want me to have another look at it now that we're back?

Maggie May said...

So beautiful! Nice to find your blog :)

Nicola Proctor said...

Thanks, Maggie!

And yes please, Lynn!