Friday, 2 October 2009

Fortissimo Fridays - 1. Biffy Clyro

Friday, 2 October 2009
Okay, so I'm totally and shamelessly stealing this idea from a blogger who I totally adore -- GirlsGoneChild -- who shares with her readers a favourite song every Tuesday.  I'm sure she won't mind AND ANYWAY music is a gift to be shared and I hope she will be happy that she has inspired me to do the same.

Those of you who know me will remember that one of my faaaaaaaavourite pastimes used to be making mix tapes and CD's.  Now that we're in the age of the iPod, it's something I don't do much anymore.  I know, shocking, eh?  Yeah, yeah, I had a 'Save the LP' button on my schoolbag and will wax melancholic and forever mourn for the noise of a stylus hitting vinyl... but to mine own iPod be true; I am converted.  So in tribute to those good old days, here is Track 1 of a mix tape I'm making -- just for you.

I'm missing a wedding on Saturday that I dearly would have loved to have gone to; alas, new babies and the supplies they require aren't really conducive to having the kind of bank balance which allows for international air travel. 

So in my absence, here's a lovely love song which I would like to dedicate to my dear, dear friend Sean and his gorgeous Jenn.  Shut the bedroom door, you two... and have a little dance on your Wedding Day Eve.  (NB:  don't you just totally love that you can hear their Scottish accents while they sing?)

Biffy Clyro - Mountains (acoustic version)
"...nothing lasts forever except you and me / you are my mountain you are my sea
love will last forever between you and me / you are my mountain, you are my sea..."

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Danielle said...

Just two days ago I was missing a mixed tape you made for me years ago. I held onto it even after I stopped having anything to play it on. But now it's gone!

Keep the list going. GGC won't mind.