Saturday, 7 November 2009

Fortissimo Fridays: Inspiral Carpets

Saturday, 7 November 2009

An oldie but a goodie -- just back from Cas Vegas with t'little 'uns and AH Lisa, AH Babs, AH Katie and AH David. 

Totally love this tune; particularly the harmonies in the chorus -- simple but eyesrollbackinheadingly effective.  Is it just me?  Goosebumptactular.

Now then -- a bit of explaining:  some of my favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE music can all be related back to the reason why I like the harmonies in the chorus of this Inspiral Carpets track.  It's all about tension and resolution.  Do you know what I mean?  Being a practicing heathen, I'll likely get struck down for getting all church-o-rama, but bear with me while I endeavour to explain:  you'd probably need to hark (pun intended) back to hymnbooks for me to verbally illustrate what I mean -- whenever you sing the word 'Amen' in church, the 'ah' is the 'tension' (ie -- you know it's not the end, and the chords are going somewhere, for lack of a better term.  The 'resolution' is the 'men', wherein the chords settle themselves into the place where they were destined to finish.

So AMEN to the Inspiral Carpets, for this 4-minute religious experience; as close to heaven as I'm likely to get.  ;-)

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Angie said...

it's been far too long since I've heard this song