Friday, 22 January 2010

Fortissimo Fridays - Band of Skulls

Friday, 22 January 2010

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Have I mentioned how I'm musically frozen in high school?  I'm sure I have -- but it's totally true. 

Hmm... also?  Am fashionably frozen there, too, it seems.  OR... maybe am just so dreadfully lazy that I can't buy new CD's OR be arsed to dress in anything but jeans and t-shirts?

Anyway -- that was a roundabout way of telling you that this Friday, you will be ASTONISHED when you realise that the track I'm going to share with you isn't some hark back to my halcyon days of skulking miserably about the halls of Galt Collegiate.  Nay -- it is (drum roll please):  a Brand.  New.  Track.

Here's the scene:  I'm in the kitchen fumbling through my usual morning juggling act.  I make tea, a bowl of Weetabix, a glass of milk, a piece of toast and some baby rice simultaneously each day at 8.11am, with varying degrees of success/spillages.  I manage to get all those things over to the kitchen table.  I manage to assemble the recipients of these culinary wonders (milk in bowl IS TOO wondrous when your eyes are still crusted half closed with sleep) and I also manage to get the ol' digital radio out and plug it in, to listen to the morning show at BBC6 Music.

And lo!  What is this?  Dost mine ears decieve me?  Is this something... new?  Is that my foot tapping?  Is that my butt wiggling?  Call Ripley's, morning fans!  Because 'Believe It or Not'... I LIKE THIS.  OOOH, I DO LIKE IT A LOT.  I ping open my eyes and squint at the display on the radio, which helpfully informs me...

(actually -- was not even anything like a 'ping'... more like a painful SCRITCH; I told you about the crusties)

... that 'Now Playing' is actually THIS BAND.  Now tell me -- what's YOUR butt doing right now?  Happy Friday, kids.

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