Monday, 12 April 2010

A Sneaky Week Away

Monday, 12 April 2010
Doubtless you will all forgive me - I hope - for the light posting as of late... last week we were away and this week, this HORRID WEEK, is the last week of my maternity leave before I go back to work.  That, combined with the fact that it is sunny outside, has kept me away from the blog and out of doors with my kids.

I will write properly again soon, but in the interim here are a few holiday snaps from our few days in Yorkshire last week.

Ben's second tooth fell out on the morning that we left!

Crabs for sale at the fishmonger's on Bridlington's promenade.  Ben said to a passing stranger, "I don't eat those, because we are VEG-A-TEAReans."  Atta boy, kiddo.  ;-)

Low tide in Bridlington harbour.

One of the highlights of our holiday - we went on a tour of the John Bull rock factory.  Here are two hunky fellas rolling what will eventually be loads of little sticks of rock. 

We even got the chance to have a go at rolling our own piece of rock -- Ben's had a 'B' running right the way through it!  So, so, so cool.

He also got to make a chocolate lollipop.  Here he is showing extreme self control by not flinging himself headfirst, Augustus Gloop style, into the vat of liquid chocolate.

We even got the chance to go out for a meal - ON OUR OWN - while we were out. 

Highlight of the week - a visit to Castle Howard... one of my favourite places ever.  I bought some lovely Yorkshire forced rhubarb from their Farm Shop and baked the most gorgeous crumble when we got back to the caravan, too.  Mmmm, more double cream!

The place is full of treasures...

...and even has an adventure playground for the kids.  Brilliant!

That's enough for now -- will write again soon, I promise!

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Tanya said...

rhubarb, pics... and augustus gloop...great post!! Glad it was fun :o) xo

Mammy P said...

Aw, thanks Tan! And thanks for my award! I will post about it when I'm feeling a little postier. ;-)