Saturday, 2 April 2011

Matfen Hall - Mammy P is 35

Saturday, 2 April 2011
My brilliant parents bought me a night at Matfen Hall for my birthday... which was yesterday.  35?  How did that even happen?

We had a lovely time -- the food was disappointing; fellow vegetarians beware -- but I took some really lovely pictures and thought I'd share them here.

The Dutch Garden.  I love taking pictures of the outside through windows.

The ceiling of the Drawing Room where we had (a not very nice) Afternoon Tea. Happy birthday to me!
The view from our room.

The Great Hall. This is where our wedding took place in August 2002.
Part of the front elevation on a night time stroll.
More outside from the inside.
I love this shot of the trees that surround the hall.
We were married right in front of that massive fireplace.

Walking down those stairs with knocking knees in a wedding dress... tricky!
We had a lovely time -- our room was upgraded to a premium when we got there which was a fantastic surprise!  We had a blast reminiscing about our wedding all those years ago.  We ate, we swam, we went in the steam rooms and saunas, and had drinks, and laughed and laughed.  The only thing that took the shine off things was that the food was rubbish (we had Afternoon Tea in the Drawing Room, some snacks in the Keepers Lodge and breakfast in the Library Restaurant... as vegetarians we were not impressed at all) which was quite disappointing, but it didn't spoil the fact that Matfen is a special place for us and hopefully it won't be another 9 years before we get to go back again. 

Check out this old gal:

Don't feel a day over 23.  24 tops.  :-)

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Tanya said...

Wowza! I L.O.V.E. the new layout!! So glad you had a great time on your bday :) You deserve it.

Mammy P said...

Thanks, darling girl! Of course, that place wouldn't have been as nearly as special to me if your gorgeous self hadn't been there with me! :-) xx

Fame Throwa said...

Geez, how could that have been 9 years ago???

Glad you enjoyed your special day in a special place with a special someone!

Mammy P said...

9 years... I know! I think you are due another visit. :-)