Monday, 22 February 2010

Fortissimo Fridays - Chapel Club

Monday, 22 February 2010
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Hey kids.

I've neglected my blog this week because Mammy P's MAMMY has been visiting from Canada, and there was lots and lots of stuff to do with her... more on that later.

But here is a gift!  Again, it's something NEW!  (Can't hardly believe it myself!)

But -- I resisted this song at first.  When I first heard it on BBC6 Music's Breakfast Show I was all, "Oh, hi there, Karaoke Morrissey!" but I've gotta tell you, it is growing on me! 

It beggars belief, especially given my obvious, natural and instinctual aversion to bands who make a living by trying to sound like other bands (ref: every single pop/punk Green Day tribute act like Blink 182 and Sum41 and I don't even know why I'm using this as an example because I hate them all anyway...) but this?  THIS I turn up when it comes on the radio!  THIS I was humming this morning when I was mixing baby banana porridge.

Everyone knows, if you hum something while you're mixing baby banana porridge... I mean, is there any higher accolade in the land?

I'm seriously interested -- Smiths fans, Gene fans, Joy Division fans, this means you -- in what you think of this track.  Is it just me?

Again... can't embed this video because it was posted officially on YouTube by Polydor... but here is the URL.  Click here NOW:

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