Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Northside Tattooz - Life List #32

Tuesday, 23 February 2010
So yesterday I added to my tattoo collection. Okay, so the two I already had barely qualifies as a collection but whatever... now I’ve got four! Is four a collection? Why, yes! Yes, I believe it is.

I went along to Northside Tattooz in Whitley Bay yesterday afternoon and sat with the charming Hash, who very ably ink-scratched the initials of my two babies into the underside of my wrists, thus enabling me to do some scratching of my own – scratching an item off my Life List:

#32.  Get more tattoos
So what do you think?
Day-um, Mama needs a manicure, fo shizzle.

Hash was an absolute gent who made me feel at ease straight away, and I was delightfully distracted from the hurtiness of the whole thing with a very enjoyable natter -- we spent a happy half hour conferring over the many intersections of our musical preferences (hello? favourite thing to do?) and also about Canada and its infinite coolness.

Get thee to Northside, dear readers. 

This one’s for Hash – what a rock star:

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Danielle said...

hello my darling,
i think they look beautiful, and if i were more of a tattoo fan i would have more to contribute to your discussion of collections on facebook. and the others? have i seen them, or are they more recent?

Anonymous said...

I know we'd be kindred souls because the first thing I thought when I saw that pic? Homegirl needs a manicure! LOL then I looked at my own hands and promptly scheduled an appointment for myself. I love the tatts. Love love love.

Tanya said...

LOVE them Niccy! Beauty :)

Nicola P. said...

Thanks girls! Danielle... my other two are initals as well (so boring!) I have another funky 'J' on my right ankle which is for Jason. (He's got an 'N' on his arm for me, awwww...) and the first one I got says NJCC - the NJC are my initials and the JCC are my brother's.

I'm already planning my next one -- on my back. Some lyrics! Hurrah!