Sunday, 5 December 2010

SUPERCHARGER: 4 December 2010

Sunday, 5 December 2010
Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in.

I know, I know, I haven’t written in ages. I’m sorry. Call it a holiday – it sort of was... I went to Canada at the end of September, and then I guess when I got back, there was so much to bloody talk about and so I kind of procrastinated writing about it and HELLO IT’S DECEMBER?! Whoops.

But I’m back now, and what better way to get things rolling than with a gig review? As you well know, dear readers, something I never NOT write about is when I go to a show and I’m not about to start now. Or do I mean “stop” now? (Errrr...sorry; today it appears that my grammar has a hangover, too.)

ANYWAY. Last night, Jase and I found ourselves kid free (thanks Grandma!) and quite spontaneously we decided to check out SUPERCHARGER at Krash at The Venue in town. Our attendance there was not so wholly accidental as I would make out – I must take a moment to explain that back in the day when Jason was at the height of his ‘hot-for-teacher’ school of 80’s hair metal lunacy, one of his partners in music crime just so happened to be none other than SUPERCHARGER’s front man, the infamous (defined as such at least in my husband’s tales of legendary formative years debauchery and lash) Mr Nick Parsons, Esq. So we went along for equal parts rock gig slash high school reunion slash ridiculously tasty blue-coloured cocktails.

Would Mr Parsons please raise his hand?

Where was I? SUPERCHARGER. Local four-piece + couple of independently released records + teeny weeny venue = right up my street. Thoroughly enjoyed it, despite my usual tendencies towards music snobbery (I know you will all be shocked at such a deplorably scandalous confession). Here is why:

a) Punky chunky bangy thrashy crashy – can't go wrong.
b) Some really good melodies – not a warbling screamer nor a throaty death grunt puke noise-maker to be found.

(...and this is my favourite bit)

c) Some smashing guitar solos that were really well constructed, considered and melodic. I mean, less of the chaotic widdly-widdlies (bad) and more of the gut-wrenching wacka-wee-mow-mows (good).  Know what I mean?

This is my way of saying that I liked it. Lots! Check out their MySpace page.

PS - Holy shit though... I am old.  After the gig it was just a club... and I was like... THE OLDEST PERSON THERE, I swear.  It was packed to the rafters with surly, disagreeable, angst-ridden kids.  It felt a bit weird to realise that I was like... the token old person in the corner.  That same token old person the piss out of whom I used to take (yay, grammar!) when I was a surly, disagreeable, angst ridden kid.  It was enough to drive a girl to drink.  :-)

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Were you at the SUPERCHARGER gig?  Comment and let me know what you thought, too!

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