Friday, 6 May 2011

dreams, diapers & dilemmas...: My Top Ten Favourite Things About the Royal Wedding

Friday, 6 May 2011
dreams, diapers & dilemmas...: My Top Ten Favourite Things About the Royal Wedding

Hey all o' y'all... I guest blogged over at my friend Tanya's blog the other day -- have a little look if you get a minute.

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Fame Throwa said...

Guest blogging? So where do I leave my comments, eh? Ah well, you'll get 'em here.

First off: thrilled to hear you were into the wedding. I was going to ask you about it earlier, but I thought "Does our rock 'n' roll style allow us to be into the Royal Wedding?" Now I feel open to gush... er, discuss.

Comments on your top 10:

10. I couldn't get over how many pre-shows I was watching! Couldn't get enough info. Really, there's NO LIMIT.

9. Hadn't seen that! Totally awesome.

8. Man, I could listen ALL DAY about the dress. Love this story about the secrecy and the hand washing. And LOVED the dress. Wish I had worn that!

7. I can totally relate. Every time I see the opening credits of Hawaii Five-O I get all excited seeing the places we saw on our honeymoon again... on TV! In HD!

4. What did you think of Beatrice's hat? (The big O.) I'm still on the fence.

2. I heard that the processional and recessional were the same from Charles and Diana's wedding, and that some other music in the ceremony was from Charles and Camilla's. The first hymn was from Diana's funeral. Not sure if Jerusalem was one of these, but it is quite lovely.

1. I'm still working through the footage from the day (8 hours from CBC), although I did watch the ceremony itself already. I thought I'd just blow through the rest of the footage, but I'm watching practically every second! Riveting, I tell ya...

Mammy P said...

4. I'm not sure about her hat! It was cool, but I guess I couldn't help thinking it wasn't on her head quite right! :-)

2. The processional from Charles & Diana's wedding was the same one you had at YOUR wedding, dear girl. :-) Not the same as Kate and William. Not sure about the recessional. But BRING ON THE TRUMPETS! Love it!

(ps - I could totally see you in a dress like that) LET'S DO IT AGAIN! :-)

Tanya said...

It was fantastic (your post) and everyone LOVED it! xox