Tuesday, 17 January 2012

This Kind of Crap Stops Me From Going to Sleep On A Night: January 2012

Tuesday, 17 January 2012
The Voluptuous Woman is in bed. She wears an eye mask to block out the light. Her luxuriant hair is swept up into a loose knot and she is nearly asleep.

A man enters.  In about 3 days, the Voluptuous Woman's requests for the man to HAVE A SHAVE ALREADY are going to reach fever pitch.
 BM: Ha! Monkey spunk moped!

VW: (removing her eye mask) Um, are you high?

BM: It was a cartoon! Did you not have it in Canada? It was a cartoon about a moped powered by monkey spunk.

VW: Oddly, no.

The man giggles to himself. A few moments pass. The Voluptuous Woman’s breathing starts to regulate and it is quite clear TO ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN that she is dropping off to sleep.

BM: Did I ever tell you about the time—

VW: (interrupting him; mildly irritated, somewhat sharply) YES. Yes, chances are you probably have already told me about this time. I was asleep, you spaz.

BM: (with a hint of exasperated defeat) This is rubbish. There MUST be, somewhere in me, SOME interesting and as yet undiscussed fact that I know, that I can talk to you about. I can’t have told you all my witty anecdotes between (he looks at his fingers) 1999 and now.

VW: To be fair, I’d never heard you say ‘monkey spunk moped’ before.

BM: (brightening) Really?

VW: Yes, really. So I guess the solution to this problem is that I have to get you a subscription to Viz magazine again, for you to nick stuff out of and pass off as ‘fresh’ and ‘new’ bedtime conversation?

BM: I’ve never had a subscription to Viz magazine.

VW: Okay, so I have to get you a subscription to Viz FOR THE FIRST TIME?

BM: Anyway, it’s a saying.

VW: What’s a saying? Monkey spunk motorcycle is so not a saying. How would you use it? ‘Oh, monkey spunk motorcycle, I’ve misplaced my car keys again!’ or ‘Wow, I haven’t seen you in ages, isn’t that a monkey spunk motorcycle!’

BM: Moped. It’s Monkey Spunk MOPED.

VW: Whatever. I win at marriage.


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Lis said...

You are brilliant. Your marital sparring is brilliant. I cannot wait to read more.
much love

The Sentimental Suitcase said...

HAHAHAHA "I win at marriage!"

Class factotum said...

Shaving is a requirement? My husband told me that by letting the hair on my legs grow - it's been too darn cold to shave - that I was helping him fill his fantasy of being with a long leg hair liberal hippie chick.